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The Business of Radio



by Jeff McKay & Tom Gordon


You can expect big number changes in Los Angeles, and for all the wrong reasons – Nielsen reports that they will have to reissue seven months of PPM data, going back to October 2017 due to what is being described as meters in four households that “did not meet compliance & integrity standards.”  It’s all about expenses, that’s the word from Entravision who reported radio revenue down 10% in their 1st Quarter, with both local & national revenue on the losing side.  Entravision is considering cost-cutting to slow the red ink, with additional blame going to automotive spot sales which were noted as “particularly disappointing.”  When Emmis reported their quarter, they also reported where most of their revenue came from – New York’s cluster including hip-hop WQHT-FM resulted in 40% of Emmis’ entire national station revenue.  As many as 20,000 employees of Canadian government-operated CBC/Radio Canada have been warned their personal information may have been compromised following the theft of a password-protected computer.  As a result, the government is offering employees a year of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.

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